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Bamboo Fibre Reusable and Washable Sanitary Pads - 10 units - Intimya Thinx Modibodi Eco Lily Bloom & Nora Bloomers Rovtop

Reusable Bamboo Fibre Sanitary Pads - 10 Units (3S+4M+3L)

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whatshot Get 10% EXTRA off your first order with the code INTIMYA10!

A three-size pack to go with the flow of your period!

3 x size S + 4 x size M + 3 x size L.

Discover our washable and reusable bamboo fibre sanitary pads with this three-size set of 10 pads. Use the pad that best suits the particular day or night. Sizes S or M are perfect for lighter flows, while L is ideal for night-time or heavy flows.

Stay confident thanks to these highly absorbant pads for leak-free days and nights. Take a look at our wide variety of colours!


Why choose the Intimya pad?

Our washable and reusable sanitary pads are specially designed to absorb for up to 12 hours, leak free. Made from bamboo fibres, they offer unparalleled comfort and softness. Reusable and machine washable at 30°C, you spend less while protecting the environment from disposable pads, which take more than 500 years to break down.


Choose the size that best suits your flow!

Get the Intimya set of 10 washable and reusable sanitary pads containing:

- 3 size S pads

- 4 size M pads

- 3 size L pads.

The 3 sizes are perfectly adapted to the fluctuations in your cycle, with its daily changes in flow. Feel more at ease and perfectly protected by using just the right sized pad according to the moment.

For heavy flows and for peace of mind at night, check out the bamboo sanitary pads for night.

Want just one size? Then get our set of 6 washable sanitary pads so you can choose between S, M and L.


Reusable, Highly Absorbent and Comfortable Sanitary Pads

Discover Intimya reusable sanitary pads. With a bamboo fibre inner layer, providing excellent comfort and effective absorption for up to 12 hours leak freeNever have to worry about leaks thanks to 2 ultra- absorbant microfibre layers

A pressure clip ensures the pad is properly attached to your underwear.


Recommendations for Use & Maintenance

Our washable and reusable sanitary pads are very easy to use. They can be attached to your underwear in a few seconds.

For washing instructions, we recommend that you refer to the diagram opposite.


● Gusset 1st layer: 100% bamboo fibre
● Gusset 2nd & 3rd layers: 100% cotton
● External layer: 100% polyurethane

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