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What makes period panties so enticing?

A new alternative to tampons and menstrual pads, reusable period panties are specially designed to absorb menstrual flow. They are both environmentally friendly and comfortable. Making waves throughout Europe and the United States, they are poised to dominate the highly lucrative sanitary product market. But why is this reusable underwear such an attractive product? If you’re looking for more information about how and why you should make the transition to period panties, look no further!    

So what are period panties?

Period panties have been around a longtime, since even before the First World War. But the early versions were made of waterproof rubber, which did offer protection against leaks, but wasn’t very breathable or hygienic. Fortunately newer versions are made with several layers of fabric which lock in moisture while keeping you dry.  

Period panties are a special kind of underwear which can be worn during your period to actually replace disposable protective products such as tampons or sanitary towels. They can also be worn along with tampons or menstrual cups for extra protection. Alternatively, you can wear period panties alone on days of lighter flow, without any other sanitary products, while using them as a backup on days of heavier flow.  

Designed to look like regular underwear, period panties feature additional layers and special fabrics in the crotch to absorb the blood. They are washable and reusable throughout your cycle.   

Although the exact design varies according to the particular product, period underwear  typically incorporates:   

  • a top layer that wicks away moisture,
  • one or more absorbent layers in the gusset, 
  • a leak-resistant outer layer.

Who are they designed for? 

Did you know that period panties can actually hold more liquid than a tampon? Could this washable underwear suit you? See below to find out!     

  • If you experience leaks during your period or are worried about leaking, period panties can give you peace of mind. 
  • If you're waiting for your period to start, but you're not sure when exactly it will come, our washable, absorbent panties will be a lot more comfortable to wear than most tampons or panty liners. 
  • If your period is usually light or if you prefer not to use tampons or a menstrual cup on days of light flow, period panties may be a good option.
  • If you really hate wearing sanitary pads, tampons, or menstrual cups, absorbent period panties may be a better solution for you. But since two to four are needed each day, you should plan to have enough to last your whole your cycle. 
  • Sometimes period panties are suggested as a solution for urinary incontinence. However, it is not advisable to wear menstrual underwear in such a case, as the menstrual flow is weaker and slower compared to that of urine. 
  • For postpartum bleeding, however, doctors recommend the use of washable period panties rather than traditional sanitary towels.  

Did you know that poor menstrual hygiene not only affects physical health, but also women’s social and mental well-being? Period panties are therefore designed for all women, no exception, no matter what age they are.  

So how do period panties work? 

A revolution is underway in the sanitary product market with the emergence of reusable products such as absorbent underwear. Period underwear has been available since 2013, but in recent years these products have gone from being inconsequential, alternative products to becoming current and mainstream. Understanding how they work can help you understand this revolution and possibly to decide whether or not they are right for you. 

Period panties are, as mentioned above, composed of three layers which contribute to their absorption properties. The first layer is made of an absorbent material which soaks up the blood. The second layer acts as a moisture barrier to keep you comfortable while the third layer is designed to prevent leaks or stains.   

So, still not sure whether to take the plunge and entrust your period totally to period panties? Many users begin to use period underwear on days of lighter flow or as backup protection before moving on to full-time use. Why not you too?  

Another great way to try out washable, reusable underwear is to wear it overnight, towards the end of your period, when the flow is lighter. Trying it out as backup support on one of your less hectic days is also a good idea: on weekends while you’re at home, for instance. 

How should period panties be washed? 

First of all, please note that you shouldn’t wear period panties for more than 24 hours. The first thing to do after you take them off is to run them under cold water to remove the blood. When most of the blood has been removed and the water runs clear, you can put them in the washing machine with the daily laundry.  

However, always choose a gentle, cold wash cycle. If you use hot water, the remaining blood may get set into the underwear. To protect the panties, put them in a laundry net. Don't worry, they won't stain other clothes.

It’s also worth noting that many women simply choose to wash them by hand. It’s a simple process that saves time and is even highly recommended to ensure the period panties last as long as possibleUsing a mild detergent is advised for washing, whether it’s by hand or in the machine.  

Then you just have to hang them up and leave them to dry. Sure, you can find washable panties made with high-tech fabric which is suitable to be put in a dryer. But it’s advisable to let the period panties air dry in order to keep the integrity of the fabric. Once the panties are dry, fold them and put them away for your next cycle.They shouldn’t be ironed, as this can burn the fabric and compromise its waterproof properties.

Can period panties actually replace sanitary towels?

The answer to this question is really important! First of all, we should say that every woman is different, but in general the answer is "yes, period underwear can replace sanitary towels". Period panties are designed using technology which allows them to absorb the equivalent of two tampons. It is therefore generally not recommended to wear disposable or reusable menstrual pads with absorbent underwear. Most women wear menstrual panties alone or use tampons or menstrual cups with them. However, it’s rare to find women who claim to use non-reusable or reusable sanitary towels with period panties

And yes, we can affirm that menstrual underwear is just as reliable as most other sanitary products.  

The main advantages of period panties

Period panties are an attractive option for menstruating women for a variety of reasons. Not only is period underwear a much more durable option than regular disposable tampons and pads, many people also find it more convenient. Instead of having to change your pad, tampon, or even your menstrual cup, it's just as easy to change your underwear, right? Below are the main benefits of period panties.   

Period panties: so handy!

Even if you use a period tracker app, periods rarely arrive on the exact day they’re supposed to, right? And even if they do, who knows what time they’ll actually appear! But if you wear period panties on the days before it’s supposed to come, or the day it’s due, you can avoid constantly running to the bathroom to check. The same goes for the last few days of your cycle, when the flow is fairly light. Instead of continuing to use disposable tampons, sanitary towels, or panty liners, you can simply use period underwear

Eco-friendly underwear! 

In recent years, more and more women have realized just how serious the problems caused by disposable sanitary products are. This has prompted many to switch to healthier products like reusable menstrual pads or reusable period panties. But why? Because the environmental impact of using disposable sanitary products is absolutely dire. When you choose period panties, you no longer need to use pads or panty liners, or at least, you use them less often. Thus, period underwear offers eco-friendly protection!      

Protective panties in case of emergency! 

When you have heavy blood flow, you need to change tampons quite often. But that's not always possible, especially if you have to focus on something important. This is also the case when you go on a long trip. Fortunately, you can wear period panties with a tampon or menstrual cup, to absorb any accidental spills or leaks. You can therefore work or travel with complete peace of mind!  

Period panties: comfort guaranteed

The absorbent layers of period panties are much thinner than those of sanitary towels and are therefore a lot more comfortable. In addition, period panties can fit in your handbag without taking up much space. When you wear them, they also stay in place because the absorbant layer is part of the underwear itself. Also, period panties are thin, but effective at absorbing blood. They’re very discreet, because even if you wear tight trousers, they’re not noticeable. So you can relax while you do your favourite activities, like yoga or dancing.     

Period panties: easy to maintain!

Having to wash period panties is often off-putting for women who haven't used them before. Fortunately though, they can be machine washed without the need for any special products. As we have already explained a little above, just rinse them with cold water after use, then put them in the washing machine at 30°C. Lastly, leave them to air dry. This easy cleaning is a great advantage of period panties. Unlike menstrual cups which must be sterilized each time you use them, period panties score more points!   

A more economical solution! 

Women spend a load of money buying disposable sanitary products each month. With our amazing range of period underwear that adapts to the needs of your particular cycle, you can save a substantial amount each year and reduce the waste you produce. If it suits you and your flow, you can get a pair of period panties that holds the equivalent of two tampons! 

Possible disadvantages of period panties

If you’re a minimalist, you might prefer the simplicity of menstrual cups instead of having several panties in your underwear drawer. If that’s the case, we’d advise you to buy just one pair of period panties to test them. Once you feel how comfortable they are, you’ll be sure to find some space in your drawer.

Something else we should point out: they’re not plastic free! All the brands on the market have polyester and/or other kind of plastics in the gusset lining to make them waterproof. But since period panties are a reusable and very useful product, they offer a reasonable compromise.

In terms of durability, you may be thinking that silicone menstrual cups last 5-10 years, whereas period panties last 2-3 years. You're right that you'll need to replace them more often, but given their considerable benefits, they’re well worth it.  

How should you choose your period panties? 

Are period panties new to you? Don't know where to start, or how to go about choosing them? Sure, period panties really are a very personal choice, but we think these tips should help. First off, choosing the right panties for your body type is definitely a good idea.    

Period panties for women with flat bums

If you have flat buttocks you’re in luck because our period panties can help you accentuate them. Choose a "shorts" model like Washable Bamboo Period Panties, which enhance your buttocks with their flattering cut which gives a curved outline at the top of the thighs. 

In addition, this type of panty is perfect for feeling comfortable and protected during your cycle. Its supportive structure is perfectly discreet under clothing! These period panties are ideal to be worn at any time, whether you’re playing sports, working or even sleeping!

If you have heavy periods, we suggest you also try our range of reusable menstrual pads. Super absorbent, they’re specially designed for all women. 

Period panties for women with round bums

Got a round bum? Then make the most of it by also wearing our "shorts" model of period panties. We suggest these ones because they’re ideal for highlighting curves. But you can also opt for our reusable lace period panty which is especially flattering on this type of body.        

Period panties for women with curvy bums

You’re really lucky, because all models of period panties would look great on you: shorts, briefs, high-waisted panties, etc. But we suggest you try our transparent lace period panties which will make your bum look especially attractive. They’re imperceptible under your clothes while ensuring total protection. Just make sure to choose the right size, because given your body type, if you choose too small a size, they could dig into your buttocks.  


To sum up, period panties are designed to function just like normal underwear, but with the ability to absorb menstrual flow, so you can wear them in place of tampons and sanitary towels. All period panties are washable and reusable, making them an environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable sanitary products. This is why more and more women have been convinced to try these products and have never looked back. If you too are determined to make the change to period panties, take a look at our store, where you’ll find some enticing models and offers.

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